You see her when you fall asleep.
But never to touch and never to keep.
‘Cause you loved her too much.
And you dived too deep.
Let Her Go - Passenger

This painfully heart-aching moment have come to an end sometimes.
The tears that seemed would be endless will dry up someday.
Take these memories with you when you walk away.
Even if you have to rip it from my heart.
Cause they stick on me like a tattoo.
Not even a single tears will I drop for you by then.
2AM - Forgetting You inspired

If I talk real slowly, if I try real hard. To make my point dear, that you have my heart. Here I go, I’ll tell you what you already know. If you love me with all of your heart. I’ll make you a star in my universe. You’ll never have to go to work. You’ll spend every day shining your light my way
Angus and Julia Stone - For You

This will be my last confession. I love you never felt like any blessing. Whispering like it’s a secret. Only to condemn the one who hears it. With a heavy heart
Florence and The Machine - Heavy In Your Arms

It started out as a feeling.
Which then grew into a hope.
Which then turn into a quiet thought.
Which then turn into a quiet word.
Regina Spektor, The Call

I’ve watched over you and stood silently,
and hid my heart’s feelings of sadness.
For the reason, the reason that we had to stay as friends.
I wanted to tell you many times.
but I held onto my confession
2 AM - Confession of A Friend

We were thinking we could never be apart, with your name tatooed across my heart. Who would’ve thought it would end up like this? And everything we talked about is gone. Now the only chance we got is movin’ on.
The Script - Before The Worst

It kicks so hard, It breaks your bones.
Cuts so deep. It hits your soul.
Tears your skin and makes your blood flow.
It’s better that you know, that love is hard..
If it was easy, It wouldn’t mean nothing tough.
Love is Hard - James Morrison