Say something, I’m giving up on you
A Great Big World - Say Something

You see her when you close your eyes.
Maybe one day you’ll understand why;
Everything you touch surely dies.
Let Her Go - Passenger

I can finally see.
That you’re right there beside me.
I am not my own.
For I have been they knew.
Please don’t let me go.
I desperately need you.
Owl City - Shower Meteor

And I’m hoping that you’ll say that you loved me all this time. But it turns out just the same. And you break apart the things I had
Angus and Julia Stone - Hold On

If I talk real slowly, if I try real hard. To make my point dear, that you have my heart. Here I go, I’ll tell you what you already know. If you love me with all of your heart. I’ll make you a star in my universe. You’ll never have to go to work. You’ll spend every day shining your light my way
Angus and Julia Stone - For You

It started out as a feeling.
Which then grew into a hope.
Which then turn into a quiet thought.
Which then turn into a quiet word.
Regina Spektor, The Call